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7 Day Thermomix Smoothie Challenge

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We’ve got a 7 day smoothie challenge to show you just how delicious and nutritious Thermomix green smoothies can be!

To get yourself into the green smoothie way of life, we recommend starting with a 7-Day Smoothie challenge. We have designed this smoothie plan so that you get a diverse and delicious range of nutrients and flavours from your daily smoothie, while completely avoiding wastage – our shopping list will get you through your smoothies for the week with no leftovers. Before you start, take a look at your grocery bag and think: by the end of the week, you will have consumed ALL of that goodness. And if you’re not confident in making green smoothies before you start this challenge, you’ll be a seasoned pro by the end of it, we guarantee!

You’ll need a copy of miniseries: super healthy for some of the recipes, pick yours up here. We also think our miniseries: low carb book will come in super handy for some super healthy recipe inspiration, as will the Paleo and Healthy Desserts and Snacks section of Recipes from our Cooking School. We’ve also got some super healthy food products on our website – check out the full range here.


For some extra tips and tricks, see our guide to the perfect smoothie here.