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alyce alexandra's Quick Family Dinners Free EBook

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Are you in need of a little something to spice up the daily grind? Well we’ve been working through the weekend to get you just what you need – a brand new FREE eBook for weeknight quick-fix meals!

The inspiration for this eBook came from the hustle and bustle of the working week that we experience here at AAHQ, and that no doubt all of you experience at work and home. No matter what you’re doing from Monday to Friday, whether it’s school runs or office meetings, getting a wholesome, well-balanced meal on the table every night can be tough work. But it doesn’t have to be!

Our Quick Family Dinners eBook will show you a tasty, wholesome and satisfying main meal that the whole family will love, for every day of the week. There’s gluten-free and dairy-free options with seafood, beef and chicken all covered, flavourful vegetarian mains, and even a kale-centric dish that kids will actually enjoy (we promise!). With your Thermomix in tow, a fresh and fragrant pesto can be whizzed up in a flash, beef & noodles can be steamed together in mere minutes, and crunchy nachos can get bubbling away in the oven in absolutely no time. Each recipe can be cooked to perfection in less time than it would take you to get take-out, and it will be a lot better for your health, your hip pocket and the environment.

At alyce alexandra, we wholeheartedly believe that homemade is always best, and these recipes will show you that time is no barrier to a delicious dinner. Once you get through this week of meals, we’re sure you’ll agree!

Happy quick-fixing!