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Care instructions for Mackies Tins

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In addition to helping you to make professional quality bread at home, we love Mackie’s products because if you treat them right, they will literally last you a lifetime. Just follow these simple guidelines to keep your tins in tiptop shape:

  • Don’t wash your tins! Certainly not in the dishwasher, and not even by hand. All you need to do is wipe out the inside of your tin with a clean, damp cloth after use. If any dough does manage to get stuck on, simply wait until it cools down and dries, and pick it off.
  • Don’t scratch the surface! The non-stick coating is part of what makes these tins so effective, so be sure to avoid metal utensils and opt for silicone or wooden spatulas and spoons instead.
  • Don’t heat your pan when it’s not baking bread! Empty pans should never be placed in a hot oven, and keep your tins away from direct heat such as open flames. When your tin is not working it’s bread-making magic, keep it stored somewhere dry and cool.

And that’s it! We don’t usually like to be so negative, but just follow those 3 simple don’ts and you’ll be making beautiful bread in your Mackie’s tins for years and years to come.