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Happy Birthday Loryn!

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Have you ever wondered how our food gets to look so gorgeous, how our books become so beautiful, or even how pretty all our products are? It doesn’t happen out of nowhere — there’s one lady in charge of all things aesthetic and adorable here at alyce alexandra: it’s our creative director Loryn, and today we are so happy to be celebrating her birthday!

Loryn is so incredibly important to us both personally and professionally, so we just had to celebrate this special day with all of you with a fabulous free recipe in her honour.

Our maple pear cheesecake parfait is a seriously scrumptious dessert that was inspired by Loryn’s sweet-treat preferences. Cheesecake is by far her favourite guilty pleasure, but in her words ‘the base is a waste’, so we decided to cut out the cookies and focus just on the best stuff — the creamy, fluffy cheesecake mixture.

Click here to view this delicious recipe.