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It's that time of year again: Father's Day!

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We jump at any opportunity to tell our dads how much we love them, and Father’s Day is a unique opportunity to go all out. But if you’re like us, you struggle finding something perfect for your dad that he doesn’t already have, and so often we just contribute to his sock, hankie and tie collection. Well, everyone knows that the real way to a man’s heart is his stomach, so skip the accessories and show your dad (or your children’s dad) just how much you love him by cooking him an amazing Father’s Day lunch.

Sounds a bit daunting though, doesn’t it? Don’t worry – the alyce alexandra team are to the rescue. Just see below for our certified dad-favourite meals that will give your dad the best lunch ever.

  • For a big number, make dad our rosemary marinated leg of lamb from Quick Fix: Every Occasion (page 37), with crispy roast vegetables and olive tapenade (page 35).
  • For a comforting but impressive winter warmer, try our duck with almonds and green olives from Every Occasion(page 65), with a side of smashed potatoes (page 59).
  • For a sure-fire dad favourite, stick with a gourmet barbeque. Try our beef kebabs with red chimichurri sauce from Every Occasion (page 151) and a chorizo salad (page 139).
  • For something a little different with an Asian-inspired theme— pork spare ribs from Quick Fix in the Thermomix(page 100), served on fried rice (page 80).
  • For an easy dessert that any dad would love, try our chocolate rum and raisin ice cream (see below), or sticky date and fig puddings with toffee sauce from Quick Fix (page 196) for something warmer.

Whatever you make, September 7th will be a day to show your dad just how much he means to you. And to all the dad’s out there, Happy Father’s Day!