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Making Yoghurt in your Thermomix

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Yoghurt made in the Thermomix® is absolutely amazing, if you haven’t tried it yet, you must! As everyone with a copy of Quick Fix knows our recipe does not contain milk powder or thickeners. I find the easiest and most effective way to incubate the yoghurt is in a food thermos, as described in Quick Fix. However, knowing that they are not always accessible, I have successfully made yoghurt using the ThermoServer™ as well as our Stainless Steal Food Warmers, which also allows you to make 2 litres at a time.


To make 2 litres of yoghurt, use 2 litres of milk and 3 tablespoons of natural yoghurt. Follow instructions 1 through to 4 in Quick Fix, including pre-warming your ThermoServer™ or Food Warmer using the same method as the thermos. Place yoghurt in ThermoServer™ or Food Warmer and cover with cling wrap to create a seal before placing the lid on. Cover with a blanket or store in a warm position (weather dependant) that has a constant temperature, such as the laundry. Leave for 24 hours and then refrigerate until ready to serve. Can you believe it – as easy as that to make 2 litres of beautiful, creamy, healthy yoghurt! For an even thicker yoghurt, drain for 1 hour in your Varoma lined with a clean chux cloth, supported by a bowl to catch the whey.


Note: ThermoServer™ is a registered trademark of Thermomix in Australia Pty Ltd. There is no connection between alyce alexandra and Thermomix in Australia Pty Ltd.