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Our digital Thermomix cookbooks

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alyce alexandra have gone digital! That’s right, we’ve made modern books for the modern cook, so it’s only appropriate that you can access them in the modern way.

alyce alexandra eBooks are awesome options for AA-fans on the other side of the pond, allowing you easy access to our books for a tiny portion of the price. It’s fantastic for you travel bugs out there, too; if you’re anything like us, you don’t like being apart from your cookbooks for too long — and now you don’t have to be! Go a step further and keep the print book proudly on your shelf while your iBook travels with you. That’s what we do! It’s also a wonderfully sustainable alternative for those of you looking to move towards a paperless bookshelf (but rest assured: our print books are manufactured in the most ethical and environmentally friendly processes possible, too).

You’ll love the interactive format of our  iBooks and eBooks — you can seamlessly click and link between recipes, search for keywords, or bookmark your favourite recipes for easy access. It’s super simple and easy to navigate, but in the unlikely occurrence that you have any trouble, try our user guide at the start of the book for some pointers (and you can check out our iPad user guide here).

Click here for instant access to our cookbooks on iTunes, or here for eBooks for your Android.

Happy modern reading!

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