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Our Thermomix Perfectly Plated Desserts Class

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Our Thermomix perfectly plated desserts class will teach you how to make the most beautiful, sophisticated and enticing looking desserts imaginable with the help of our resident sweet treat-aficionado, Elaine Young! Elaine is an absolute expert in the dessert world, having worked everywhere from Melbourne to Paris and back again, with companies as diverse and impressive as Cacao Fine Chocolates and Nestlè. Now, she’s ready to impart her years of experience and wisdom onto you!

In this class, Elaine will be teaching us how to turn a simple (but delicious) dessert that can be whipped up in five minutes in the Thermomix into an absolute masterpiece on a plate. We will be working with three super simple and easy dessert recipes, and transforming them into veritable works of art that experiment with colour, shape, and texture to dramatically add to the eating experience as well as the visual one. You’ll learn four key elements of food styling that can be incorporated in a huge number of diverse ways, drastically altering and improving the way that your food is presented. Each element is incredibly versatile, and you will be shocked by how many different and stunning results you can get with three very simple dishes.

This class is an absolute must for aspiring food stylists, food bloggers or just home cooks that want their desserts to look as good as they taste! And don’t we all? By the end of this 3.5-hour class, you will be able to create desserts that will blow the oven mitts off anyone who gets the pleasure of viewing them, bringing new meaning to the phrase ‘it looks too good to eat’!

This class makes a great hands-on team building exercise for work functions, foodie fun for Hen’s parties, or a twist on your traditional Christmas party. Call the office on (03) 9690 5509 to enquire about or book!