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Quick Fix in the Thermomix - by alyce alexandra

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Quick Fix in the Thermomix is a celebration of delicious, wholesome meals prepared quickly and easily in your kitchen. Our food philosophy centres around using fresh ingredients to produce nourishing meals everyone will enjoy, whether it be a quick mid-week meal for the family or an elaborate dinner party for friends.


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This practical cookbook contains easy to follow formatting and symbols for simplicity in the kitchen. Informative tips on cooking, recipe variations and health can be found throughout. Many of these recipes can be finished in less than thirty minutes, qualifying as a ‘quick fix.’ We have also included some recipes that require a little more time, because we believe that they’re worth it!

Each recipe is accompanied by a colour photograph intended to guide and inspire the reader. As no enhancements of any kind have been used in our photographs, all dishes are exactly re-creatable, so you won’t end up with any kitchen disasters or disappointments.

Now everyone can cook gourmet food at home – quickly, deliciously and easily.

This book is available in hardcover in Australia and the USA, as well as digitally worldwide on both iTunesand Google Play.