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Thermo Chocolate Fudge Gummies

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These have got to be one of the most satisfying sweet treats – not only are they chocolatey, fudgy and delicious, they are also packed with protein, healthy fats and amino acids (and SO easy to make!). Snack on them whenever a craving is coming on, use as a post-dinner sweet treat or grab a couple as you are running out the door to keep you going… even when you haven’t had time for breakfast! The gelatin in these little goodies has anti-inflammatory properties, as well as helping to heal the gut lining and aid digestion. It has so many more benefits – click here to see what Sarah Wilson has to say.

Gelatin comes from the bones, hides and connective tissue of animals, so it’s really important to source a good quality one whereby the animal lived in its natural conditions fed its natural diet – in the case of cows, in a paddock eating grass, not locked in a small pen eating grain. Head down to your local health food store to purchase.

+ dairy free
+ gluten free

Makes 48

4 tablespoons powdered gelatin
400g coconut milk
60g xylitol or other sweetener of choice
60g cocoa   

  1. Place combine gelatin and 100g coconut milk in a cup. Set aside.
  2. Meanwhile, place remaining coconut milk, xylitol and cocoa in TM bowl, heat for 4 minutes, 70°C, speed 3, or until 70°C reached.
  3. Add gelatin mixture, mix for 20 seconds, speed 4. Pour into chocolate moulds and refrigerate for 1 hour, or until set.

Turn out gummies by peeling the edges away from the mould. Store in the fridge.

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