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Thermomix Scrambled Eggs Recipe

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You don’t even know the meaning of quick-fix until you try this recipe. There’s nothing quite like a delicious egg breakfast on a Sunday morning, but with this recipe, you could be having eggs every morning of the week! It takes literally less than 10 minutes to whip up, and is very economical, meaning there’s nothing stopping you from getting your morning egg-fix every day.

Eggs are incredibly nutritious, high in vitamins and protein, and are super filling, making them the perfect way to start the day. All this recipe takes is a couple of eggs, some cream, salt and optional herbs, and you’re giving yourself a seriously delicious and nutritious start to the day. They’re so quick and simple that you can even have them as a mid-afternoon snack! This recipe serves two, but the ingredients can easily be halved or doubled to adjust for more or less people (or for more hungry tummys!) Try to use free range, organic eggs whenever possible for the best tasting and highest quality breakfast.

We used our Neoflam 20cm fry pan and our eggs came out perfectly, but you can use any fry pan, as long as it is non-stick (we love stainless steel, just not for eggs). We have our eggs on buttered sourdough with some of our beetroot relish from Quick Fix: Every Occasion — YUM!


4 eggs
60g cream
¼ tsp herb salt
Fresh chives, to garnish

  1. Place all ingredients in TM bowl, mix for 10 seconds, speed 4.
  2. Heat small non-stick fry pan over medium-low heat. Once hot, add egg mixture. After 1 minute, push cooked egg from the bottom of the pan to the outside allowing uncooked egg to flow to the bottom. Repeat every 30 seconds for the next 2-3 minutes, or until eggs look soft, silky and slightly undercooked– then they are perfect.

Garnish with chives and serve immediately with hot buttered toast. Also delicious served with tomato or beetroot chutney.

Variation: For a decadent breakfast, use truffle salt instead of herb salt.