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Two herbs anyone can grow at home

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Fresh herbs are such an easy way to add vibrancy, freshness and flavour to your home cooking – and they are so easy to grow at home! Even in an apartment. Two of our favourites are mint and rosemary as they are perennial (meaning they won’t die over winter), and very easy to care for – no green thumb required. They can be grown outdoors or indoors next to a sunny window, but both are weed-like in their ability to spread, so we recommend growing them each in individual pots and not in garden beds. For ease buy seedlings, and water whenever the soil is dry. Simply cut sprigs as needed, and never worry about wasting half a bunch of herbs again!

Mint is delicious tossed through fresh salads, Vietnamese dishes, Moroccan stews and Indian accompaniments. It is also refreshing served in summer mocktails and cocktails, or simply in soda water with a squeeze of lime juice. Try our blueberry mint smoothie for a nutritious liquid snack. Rosemary is perfect tossed with roast potatoes and other roast veggies, infused in salad dressings and oils and sprinkled over pizzas and focaccias. Our roast vegetables with olive tapenade from Quick Fix: Every Occasion is a real winner.

Looking for some extra edible gardening information? We love the Little Veggie Patch Co’s book the ‘1 Minute Gardener‘, perfect for growing food no matter how small your space.