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Why AA is all about Mackie's Bread Tins

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It’s the final frontier of the home cook – bread baking! And while it may seem daunting and complicated, it couldn’t be simpler with your TM, some help from the friendly bread bakers at alyce alexandra, and some of the best products on the market. So keep reading for everything you need to own to become the best baker in town!

With Mackie’s loaf tins, you will be able to make professional quality bread at home, knowing exactly what is going into it, and with no unnatural additives or preservatives. These are seriously authentic baking tins that will give your bread that delicious crust on the outside while cooking it to perfection on the inside. They’re non-stick, so there’s no need to grease — your loaf will just slide out perfectly, then all you need to do is wipe clean and get onto the next loaf! Mackie’s pans are super solid and heavy, and if you treat them will, they will get you through a lifetime of bread making.

We love Mackie’s because they have been providing the highest quality baking products to professional bakers around the country since 1946, and to overseas markets for 20 years. They are the leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of quality bakeware in Australia, and once you see how your bread turns out, there’ll be no questioning why! Mackies undertake rigorous product testing and use only the top suppliers to ensure that you achieve the absolute best results in all your baking adventures.

Need some free recipes to go with your new tins? 

We’ve got you covered. Click here for the perfect recipe to use with your jumbo loaf, or here for the best bread to make in your sandwich loaf.

Happy Baking!