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Daisy Drink Markers

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If you like it then you should have put a marker on it! A Charles Viancin daisy drink marker, that is.

These adorable daisy markers will make sure everyone at your dinner or cocktail party knows exactly which drink is theirs, leaving no room for confusion, wastage or lost drinks!

Each marker comes in a distinctive bright colour so that they can be easily remembered and tracked. They add some fun to your table setting while providing a very practical purpose, and adhere to most glasses with a smooth surface, such as the base of a wine glass or champagne flute.

We love Charles Viancin for their creative food savers and kitchen accessories, which make avoiding wastage as easy as pie and as pretty as a picture! All their products are made from BPA free, food grade silicone — one of our favourite materials for its durability, versatility and sustainability, improving your kitchen capers without harming our environment.

Each set of daisy drink markers come with six individual, differently coloured markers to add some pizazz to your parties.

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