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Market Bread Board

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Get the alyce alexandra look with the help of some of our favourite food styling tools from Ecology! Ecology make modern and sophisticated kitchen and cookwares that are beautiful, practical, affordable and ethically produced, which is why we love to use them when entertaining and in our food styling for our cookbooks. And now you can get them into your home kitchen too!

The Ecology Market Range boards provide the perfect serving platters for your homemade loaves of bread, cheeses, cold cut meats, antipasto spreads, fruits and even shared desserts. Because they are made from a natural stone marble, the surface of the paddle board stays very cold, so it will keep your foods chilled and prevent melting even when they are unrefrigerated, while the discreet sponge feet will make sure your board stays put. It can even help to bring your fresh bread down to eating temperature straight out of the oven! The textured light grey colouring of this board makes it suitable for most kitchen or dining decors, while the rustic wooden paneling adds a contemporary touch. The overall classic styling of these boards mean that they will stay as treasured and beautiful pieces in your home kitchen for many years to come, and their durable construction will make sure that they’re up for the challenge!

Aside from their gorgeous presentation and practical use, we love Ecology products because they are produced ethically and through environmentally responsible production processes. No coal furnaces are used in manufacturing, only FSC approved sustainable forestry is employed, and packaging is recycled and recyclable — thankfully, because we much prefer our kitchenwares without the side of environmental costs.

The Ecology bread board is 21x28cm. Happy plating!

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