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Pepperleaf Mountain Ground (10g)

Pepperleaf Mountain Ground (10g)


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Get ready to meet the newest flavour maker in your kitchen – Herbie! Herbie’s Spices are some of the absolute best quality and best tasting spices available in Australia, and now you can get them into your kitchen via The TM Shop. 

Herbie’s blends and spices are all made with the highest quality ingredients and are completely free of fillers, starches, MSG, free-flow agents or additives of any kind, leaving you with only the purest, most delicious spices imaginable. These are Alyce’s absolute favourite spices for every occasion, and once you try a herbie-flavoured meal, your pantry will be overflowing with Herbie flavours.

Herbie’s ground pepperleaf brings some serious bite to a huge variety of meals. Both the pepperberries and leaves are used to make this authentically Australian spice, which brings an intensely strong pepper flavour to your meals. But beware – the flavour intensifies over 5 minutes after consumption, so don’t go overboard! Use it cautiously as a substitute for regular ground pepper: about one tenth of your usual ground pepper usage will do the trick! We love Herbie’s pepperleaf for general seasoning with a kick, and for adding to a diverse spice rub for meat and lamb. It’s also a key ingredient in one of our most popular cooking class recipes — our Varoma rack of lamb with hazelnut crust. 

Herbie’s Spices will deliver the ultimate spice experience every time, and one day we hope to own them all. After you’ve had the Herbie’s experience, we bet you will too!