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Red Pepper Flakes (40g)

Red Pepper Flakes (40g)


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Get ready to meet the newest flavour maker in your kitchen – Herbie! Herbie’s Spices are some of the absolute best-quality and best-tasting spices available in Australia, and now you can get them into your kitchen via The TM Shop.

Herbie’s blends and spices are all made with the highest quality ingredients and are completely free of fillers, starches, MSG, free-flow agents or additives of any kind, leaving you with only the purest, most delicious spices imaginable. These are Alyce’s absolute favourite spices for every occasion, and once you try a Herbie-flavoured meal, your pantry will be overflowing with Herbie flavours.

Herbie’s Korean red pepper flakes come from a fruity, capsicum-like red chilli, and are used frequently in — you guessed it — Korean cuisine! Also known as gochugaru, these flakes are very versatile and add a mild heat to a variety of dishes, tasting beautiful when sprinkled over scrambled eggs or salads. Korean red pepper flakes are traditionally used when making fermented kimchi, and are used in almost every recipe in our Thermomix Korean cooking class, including our kimchi, pickled radish and mixed seafood and spring onion fritters.

Herbie’s Spices will deliver the ultimate spice experience every time, and one day we hope to own them all. After you’ve had the Herbie’s experience, we bet you will too!