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Rosewood 21cm Bread Knife

Rosewood 21cm Bread Knife

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A good knife is to a chopping board as the TM blades are to the bowl. You’d never cut corners with your TM blades, and you definitely shouldn’t with your kitchen utensils. So if your kitchen isn’t on top of its knife game yet, keep reading – we’ve got you covered!

Victorinox produce alyce alexandra’s absolute favourite kitchen knives, and now they’re available from our store for your chopping pleasure. A great set of knives will make your food preparation quicker, easier, cleaner and safer, as a vast majority of knife accidents occur from overusing cheap, blunt knives, rather than effectively using super sharp ones.

The Victorinox Bread Knife is the ideal multi-tasker to pair with your TM. The 21cm blade will perfectly slice though any loaf of bread with precision, and will make quick and easy work of it while you’re at it. The beautiful Rosewood handle is a stylish addition to any kitchen, as well as feeling great in the hand.

Victorinox are the original producers of the Swiss army knife, so you know that they stand for quality, durability and absolute effectiveness, and they have Alyce’s personal seal of approval to boot. You can rest assured that any Victorinox product you invest in will get the job done. Treat it well, and it will keep doing it for a lifetime.