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Seasonal Regional
Seasonal Regional

Seasonal Regional

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If you love cooking, then you love food. And if you want your cooking to be high-quality, wholesome, fresh and nutritious, you should want your food products to be the same. This is a priority at AAHQ, and we want you to know why – that’s why we’re proudly stocking Seasonal Regional in The TM Shop.

Seasonal Regional is a celebration of Victoria’s food landscape, and those people who strive to provide us with the most beautifully fresh and flavoursome produce that our land has to offer. In this gorgeously presented book, local-food advocate Sarah Roberts takes us on a journey around Victoria to meet our food producers, and explore the challenges that come with living off the land. In turn, you will come to appreciate how the food you eat gets from the farm to your table, and why this process has such profound implications on your health, the environment, and our local industry.

Along the way, Seasonal Regional will share with you more than 80 delicious recipes by renowned chefs and home cooks alike, which celebrate local, sustainable and seasonal produce. You’ll soon learn the myriad of reasons why seasonal eating is so beneficial, for everything from your bank account to your taste buds.

Seasonal Regional is brought to you by one of alyce alexandra’s favourite organisations — Sustainable Table. This fantastic not-for-profit aims to empower people to use their shopping dollars to promote a food system that is fair, humane, healthy and good for the environment. At alyce alexandra, we aim to enjoy our food to the fullest, and we truly believe that this can only be achieved when every action that goes into the process is mindful and considerate. Sustainable Table helps to educate us on why we should all feel the same.

Whether your priorities are health, taste, ethics or sustainability, Seasonal Regional will change the way you look at food forever, and for the better. And thankfully, it won’t take you long to realise that ethical eating feels so good long after the meal is over.